Keke's Breakfast Cafe

It's like your hometown diner grew up and went to the city.

The System

Our Franchise System

No experience required! As a matter of fact, in some ways we would rather that you not have restaurant experience. This business was started with a mission of putting together a system that when properly trained anyone can run. This was important to us, because we wanted to run a successful restaurant without having restaurant experience ourselves. 

Keke's Breakfast Cafe revolves around our recipes that provide breakfast favorites made the way they were made twenty years ago with fresh ingredients and no skimping. Combine that with our lunch offerings of salads and sandwiches and there is truly something for everyone with each item created with a focus on quality, quantity and value. With our training program you will learn all the information you need to serve a perfect meal time after time. As a franchisee you will also see that we have taken the headaches and guesswork out of getting your location open and we offer comprehensive support from day one to help you get up and running quickly including:

Restaurant Location and Design

Finding the right location is critical step in setting up your Keke's Breakfast Cafe. Today there are many second generation spaces - locations that were previously restaurants and have closed - available making this a great time to be looking for a restaurant location.

Designing the ideal floor plan is the next step after your location is selected. Our team works with you to create the optimum back of house layout that focuses on maximizing the efficiency of the kitchen and storage areas while our front of the house layout centers around the customer traffic flow and seating. Combine the layout with the Keke's Breakfast Cafe decor items and you have the ideal breakfast environment.

Training and Operations Manual

With our two week training program and the Keke's Breakfast Cafe Operations Manual you will have all that you need to guide you every step of the way in daily operation of your cafe. Whether you are a restaurant veteran or operating a restaurant for the first time, you will appreciate the support and systems that Keke's provides.

Once construction has started on your location, we will schedule you for your training at our corporate training store in Orlando, Florida. Among the key training topics will be operations procedures that take you from open to close on a daily basis, including food preparation, cooking and serving, inventory control, back of the house procedures, front of the house procedures, marketing and point-of-sale usage. Employee management for hiring training and evaluating employees is also covered extensively. In addition you will learn the two keys to running a successful restaurant, food costs and labor, and how to control them.

Marketing Programs

Keke's Breakfast Cafe is a neighborhood meeting place. Creating the buzz and getting the word out about Keke's to the target area is one of your primary roles as the franchisee. We provide you the tools you need to get the best results while maximizing your marketing dollars. Our marketing plan is a grassroots approach to marketing to businesses and residences within three miles of your location. We provide you with the plan and the guidance to help you implement it so that you can get up and running quickly with your Grand Opening marketing and you can grow you business with our on-going marketing program.

Quality Control and Ongoing Support

There are many places to eat, but very few places that provide an outstanding breakfast experience. Keke's provides such an experience by providing freshly prepared breakfast favorites, quick service, variety and a relaxing upscale atmosphere. Consistency is central to a successful business. Delivering on these expectations every time is the result of our commitment to support you in consistently following the Keke's standards and our franchisees commitment to the brand.

Your success is our success so we provide you with one of our franchise business representatives who will visit your location to ensure that these standards are being met and also to offer suggestions on how to improve your sales, operations and any other areas where you need assistance. We will sit down with you to evaluate your sales and expenses and to analyze areas where we can help you improve. We are in business with you to help you every step of the way.

All Keke's Breakfast Cafe locations are open daily 7:00am to 2:30pm (closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day)