Keke's Breakfast Cafe

It's like your hometown diner grew up and went to the city.

The Opportunity

An Uncompromising Breakfast Restaurant

Creating a memorable breakfast experience has been our goal from day one; An experience that provides us an alternative to what breakfast has become and reminds us of what breakfast should be. A breakfast where taste, quality and presentation are the foundation. A breakfast where everything is freshly prepared; real eggs are cracked to order, and only the finest ingredients are used, including the freshest fruit, vegetables, and dairy. A breakfast with real Belgian waffles made with malt, the way they're supposed to be made. A breakfast where pancakes and waffles are made with fresh fruit, where the batter is made as needed, never in advance.

Our focus is on creating the ultimate taste experience in a clean, bright, upscale atmosphere. The menu is focused on breakfast, but the offerings include lunch fare as well, prepared with the same level of care and commitment to flavor as the breakfast items.

Keke's is a daytime restaurant where breakfast is served all day, and as such its competition is limited. Its focus on a memorable breakfast experience makes it a major contender for a share of the food service dollar. And not serving dinner means that a franchisee's time investment is limited, thanks to a typical afternoon closing time of 2:30. Somebody that is people-oriented, committed to presenting a quality dining experience to their customers, likes to make friends and wants a business that affords them the opportunity for a quality of life associated with limited operating hours, a Keke's Breakfast Cafe may just be a perfect fit.

All Keke's Breakfast Cafe locations are open daily 7:00am to 2:30pm (closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day)